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Health resort visitors have been coming to Sanatorium „Gracja” for rest, treatment and rehabilitation for 35 years. Patients with ailments of movement organs, spine degeneration, bones and joints injuries as well as with some circulatory and respiratory system diseases, female disease and neuralgias undergo treatments in the facility surrounded by a pine wood.

Highly qualified medical staff ensures 24-hour care. Sanatorium „Gracja” is equipped with specialist individual and group rehabilitation devices. Treatments are performed in the base according to the doctor's instructions with the use of natural saline, moor, paraffin. These are: saline and carbonic acid baths, manual massages as well as rotational and vibrating, Scottish whips, inhalations and Physiotherapy. Sanatorium proposes also enhancement exercises - both indivudal and group.

Former view of Sanatorium GracjaPresent view of Sanatorium GracjaView from the frontGreen area of Sanatorium GracjaParking Sanatorium Gracja

Business activity conducted:

  • Sanatorium
  • Rehabilitation treatment centre
  • Out-patient clinic
  • Natural therapy