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We encourage our Guests to participate in different kind of events on their free time regardless the season. Everyone will find something interesting for themselves. We recommend, among other things:


  • bus trips to Toruń - Old Town and planetarium, to Shrine of Our Lady in Licheń, to Kruszwica and Inowrocław combined to the ship cruise on the Gopło lake,
  • talks with the doctor and various lectures about health,
  • dance evening with a band,
  • horse tram ride around the health resort and to the Wisła river,
  • various musical concerts - Songs of Lviv Concetr, "W krainie operetki" Concert, piano concert „Romantyki Czar”, Old Hits Concert,
  • guided walks - thanks to them you will get know the corners of the Ciechocinek City and the nearby area. We visit graduation towers, picturesque parks, antique salt-works and orthodox church, we can also enjoy the Wisła's riverside nature,
  • evening with poetry, sung poetry and "the lighter side of illusion" with the show of magic tricks.

Part of offered suggestion is payable.